Thank you for stopping by. I hope this site provides useful information. This site is filled with pictures, videos, surveys and more. The information shared is an experiential analysis of over four thousand service calls and hundreds of excavation repairs. After listening to consumers experiences with other companies I found it necessary to develop an educational style website to enlighten the public. Hopefully this information will be useful when dealing with questionable service providers. Better yet, I hope I prove the quality of my workmanship so well that you will never have to experience the travesties that many of my clients had in the past.

As well as providing championship drain cleaning, I also offer a
complete line of drain cleaning products and services. Everything from Emergency Service through Baseline drain cleanings to preventative Interval Maintenance Diets. Emergency service is the industry standard, a drain clogs and someone out of the phone book is called to service the drain. Baseline drain cleaning is one of my own creations... it is simply restoring the drain to its best condition of operation. In a mainline, it’s cabling all the roots out, inspection of the system to gain knowledge of how to service it in the future, and placing it on a maintance diet which could include anything from annual servicing to routine sewer checks every five years. Baseline drain cleaning is a unique approach to maintaining sewers and drains individually as well as factoring in the homeowners past history and future plans.


Packages are priced at HALF of competitor pricing. Many times my bills were cheaper than competitors and I actually took care of the problem.

Championship drain cleaning does not come easy. It is earned by successfully servicing drains that competitors and novice professionals could not satisfy. Most tend to give up too easy and want to charge thousands to replace. Some don’t even really try and tell people drains are broken.

Championship drain cleaning uses a variety of tools to implement on difficult lines, the same cutters won’t work on every line, that’s why I carry specialty blades and some that I have made myself. A lady in Florissant had two big rooter companies out which neither was able to keep her sewer open for more than a couple of days at a time. Both gave her estimates of over seven thousand dollars to repair her sewer and resolve her dilemma. Using one of my special blades I was able to remove a seven foot by six inch wide root log and saved this lady thousands of dollars unnecessarily spent with a novice competitor.

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